So who is this Linnea?

I am an expert in transforming working life and specialized in combining strategic thinking with creativity.

I use writing, narratives, drama, music and painting in development projects with workplaces, groups and individuals. I believe it’s only through creativity and imagination people are truly capable to heal and to expand into unknown.

During my career I’ve worked in SAK, the largest labour market organization in Finland, in Labour Government and in Youth Services in the City of Vantaa. I have a decade-long experience from training and consulting.

My debut novel Todistaja (Witness) was published in 2016. My childhood dream was to write a novel, but the book was as well an outcome from a process of forgiveness and healing a family trauma. Writing that book took me into a 5-years long inner adventure. It is from that adventure that I draw a lot of my wisdom today.

I’ve learned that children are great teachers. In year 2013 I became a mother of a very strong-willed little girl, whose puberty seemed to start at the age of 1,5 years. She has taught me to be present in the moment and to use power in wise and respectful ways. Well, to be honest, I’m still learning. She is an unbribable guru for me.

When I’m not coaching and writing, I’m making music. I can be sighted singing my songs in Etiäisten majatalo, a duo we form with my husband Jukka, or playing bass with my best girlfriends in Kissakala band.

In summertime I’m most often seen in Nuuksio on our holiday home next to national wilderness park. And when summer turns to fall, I spend time in forests picking mushrooms like crazy.

I’m a relentless explorer of spirituality. Like gnostics, I see there is a divine spark in everyone of us. For me spirituality is not just something ‘up there’: it is as much about reconnecting with our physical world, with our bodies and with planet Earth.

Contact me at Let’s chat and see if it would be a match working together!